There Are No RighT or WrOng iN Life
Seconds, hours, & so many days that i already gone thru in life. but yet still didn't find any right path for me to show the world that now i'm a successful person. wondering and always talk to my ownself for what i done works but then i'm not satisfied with it. i trust that i can only plan things but Allah will decide the best for me.

x taw nak tuih pe kat cam shitronox je bace blog org len..alasannye aq tuih blog ni sbg tanda penghargaan @ appreciation kt kengkawan yg menulis blog n dpt membahagiekan diri pembacanye..

the topic was there no right or wrong in life. it seems like a dull topic but then i realized that this topic got a quite sophisticated meanings that i can and always wanted to share wif. it start wif the day...on august 11 2009, ube & i were planning to do some outdoors activities in the evening. our 1st plan was we are going to gym for 1 and half hours workout but then i got another briliant idea which is goin to driving range to swing some golf balls. so then after asar pray i txt ube that our plan for dz eve is playing golf.

at the driving range- hehe...i bring some of my golf club which is pitching, no.7 and driver that belongs to my dad..i was very xcited at 1st snce this is my 1st time i bring my dad driver to act like my own club which dz driver cost about 1k++..haha...nowadays my dad is trust me like he never done it before. which means i'm totally matured at my parents eyes now. go back to range, ube was new in dz game so i hav to teach him for a while then it's ok. the story goes wif i take driver and hit some balls. suddenly a myvi car come wif her mother in bmw*i think she's not her mother bcz her hometown is penang bt nvm* and then her mother go to the reception to make a report that white myvi mirror's was hitted by a golf ball's. owh, pity for her.. bcz of the golf ball's her front new myvi mirror was cracked. but then the range manager told her that she shud not make report at here bcz of they are not responsible to those balls that golfers hits. so then they asked that girl to make that report 2more at Kelab Golf Danau UKM. the best part is when pakcik next to my bay go to that girl car..

act part...since that pakcik go to the as an educated person also wanted to show my humanity and sikap "Kesian kat org yg dlm kesusahan" i do la jgk kt kete minah a god sake she is one of my clazm8 for fundamental of corporate finance..hehe..quite a cute girl gak la die ni, thats one of the factor i want to show my kindness la kan..=p so then pakcik tu cerite ttg pengalaman die ngan cermin depan kereta die..he told that it is useless if the girls go to danau bcz danau is not the one who incharge of the driving range. *it crash her heart in front of her beloved white myvi *

this part yg i LOIKE secare x sengaje..b4 that there is a story about this kind of people la, i means the driving range management.the last time i saw things like this were at cheras where the driving range is placed in the middle of town whereby at the right and in front of is surrounded by house and at the left of the range is shop lots and food stalls. the case is the same people hit golf balls then hit other peoples car. then when the car owner's come to claim to the range management they denied thier faulties..back to where the stories goes. while 'pakcik' bz telling his xperience to that girl mother. i also wif xchange no wif that girl..haha..she told that tommorrow she'll be calling me for any assistance..for god's sake i'm a gentleman kowt.. haha.. i think i learn it while playing golf kowt. sincerely i really learn this part of life from game. milo thought was right "the more we play the more we learn"..

end of this part.

really appreciate reader's comment..sorry for my broken english..still learning to higher my grade


meeraMJJ said...

pjg nyew..
smuanyew psl golf..

Abir Abhar said...

akhirnya BFF aku ni ada blog..

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