owh my body

my emotion =D
rain to energize

since i do workout@ ukm, i really don't take care of my body injuries cuz of i always said to my body that one day i will hav my ideal body before my age reach 20..haha..crazy do i?
for all hard work i do + for all gile banyak mknn that i da telan + MASS supplement do i take, now i dunno where did all it's goes.ngaa~ i'm goin crazy now! my weight stil didn't pass 60kg! bak kate aiman "berat awek lg kalo berat tu kurang 70kilo"haha aiman gler
i really suffered of all my bodies injuries =( i done this diniatkan untuk Allah S.W.T gak so then when i'm getting older so i still fit to do ibadah to Allah S.W.T :D
when i go bath i need to strecth my hand 1st so then only i can reach back of my body wif lil pain!
i only can see my body but i cann't touch it cuz it'll make pain to the part dat i touch..
haha..asal lar ade kije gler ni tuk dibuat kat dunia..
when i want to open my shirt it will also cause pain to myself..
last but not least i feel pain more than my weight raise i think!

i'm luvin wut i'm doin now cuz i done it because of i wanted too~
thats enough FULLSTOP.


Anonymous said...

hehe.. ak cakap tak pass 50k baru berat awek. 60k tu dah bukan awek, mak awek tu.. haha

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