OnCe in A BluE MooN
everything that if we take one thing than we had to sacrifice others is call ' KOS MELEPAS' a.k.a sunk cost in accounting terms.

there are many things that we had to choose that fulfill our friends and our need and also there will be somebody who didn't satisfied other person. is't bring the same means like sunk cost? =p. then i always listen to my hockey coach that "when we do things, we CAN NOT satisfied everybody in this world". owh, yeah!! this quote always motivate me to go a step further when i'm doing something.

Why I choose to help out person:
1st of all, that the best thing that i think if i'm doing it i'll be closer to Allah Heaven.

2nd thing is, it's lots of fun and also cools thing to do

3rd is, it's new experience when we try to serve for people. different people has different perspective so we hav try to use different approach with different people

4.00, when i help people i feel my target to reach 4 flat in life is become nearer and nearer :)

for the best reason, that's all for tonight. bye2 :)

10 Random Things
1. i dun think that i can handle a girl or not
*Girl need care & people say nikah is must couple is nothing* =p

2. do my fren really need me or just i need them
*looks like them really appreciate when i'm around but then sumtimes i feel like i'm ignorant*

3. my family miss me yet or not?
*when i called my mum, i feel that she just can't get enough talk wif me :( *

4. April is coming soon
*there's lots of things to do n to say..ngee~*

5. people & i knew y i shudn't hav a car!!!
*haha..car = gatal*

6. chatting is the best thing 2 do but working is must

7. my study is my boss

8. money is nothing

9. life shud be enjoying not to be stress out

10. helping out fellas is the best part of friendship

caiz :)
thanx Aaron Quay n you

muke sehabis pandang kamera da tu!!huhu

When The Light Turns On

everyday is a new experience for me. the more i experience my life the more i thankful to The Almighty Allah. i spend some of my time to recite so then i hav my personal own time to be Thankful for all the wonderful creatures and rahmat from Allah.

now there are some new things that my colleague n i wanted to introduce to fellas UKM student. hopefully it will shine & make UKM will highlight in our own identity. the main vision for me to do this thing is because of i think that there are still got potential for me to do social responsibilities in helping my fellas fren. the great thing that i learned is, everyday that i gone through i'm become happier n ceria. tho they are some of the people see me in thier on -ve way but then i'll try my best to become as perfect as i am. Yeah, i'm quite in a hurry mood rite now but then this will teach me on how i'm gonna manage my time to become a successful men in this era of globalization.
i notice that i'm not a good person at all in commanding people. as i care what do you people feel. yup, i do really care. :)
all of this i learned from USR. if not, i'm really confident when i presenting something in class, for lecturer they'll easily giv an A for me but then i'm fail and arrogant in the shoe of my fellas friend. owh dear, i'm really sorry for being such kind of people that i dun think i'm doing anything wrong. but now, i'm more and more friendly and always try to do nice to all the people that i met. thank to USR n fellas fren who supported me.
USR are where platform for UKM graduate who wanted thier voice to hear loud by admin for their rite in sports and recreation.
Now, we are become bigger & stronger. thanks to those people who have believe in us and always supported us whether it's directly or indirectly

Thats all for now. thank you :)

Den x taw la ape mslhnye ni.huhu (en. 1'one')

korang duduk diam2! aq nak tgk ape projek kt atas (abg yan)
da lunyai da si baju hijau tu. inilah keje mereka
USR boleh!!(paan panas agaknye)