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Hepi birthday hot guys, 20!!

now i'm waiting till u call me then hav some chuckling on phone.the conversation kinda be like;*hehe*

jagen: shai, smlam bpe aribulan? don't u feel any strange last n8 than the other n8?

caiz: last n8 was same like d other n8..doesn't feel anything pown..chill je cam bese kowt..asal?sssasupp

jagen: nothin sje tnye2..x bley ke? sure x rase pape my man?

caiz: haha..shud i feel anything.. last n8 my cred & my bat full je..x bpe nak pkai..

jagen: ok la..sje je cal ni nak tnye apa kabar..bye

caiz:bye =p

if u find this 1st me means u r really smart.hehe.i hope all ur ambitous will be just like what u'd plan. i'm really glad our path crossed, i'm lucky, to have u around alt there lots of stupid thngs. i wont forget every single advise u gave me since we were 14 until now, thanks for being by side at times i really need u.

though i'm not celebrate wif u, deep inside i know that guys like u deserves to be happy not only today but every single day. cuz u always make people around u laugh wif ur craziness. stay the way u r bro. hate u but then luv u more.


ages changes, people come and go,
our path are on diff direction
wtv it's u & i will ......


Abir Abhar said...

sweet gila ouh

caiz said...

nnt aq try buat sweet lg tuk ko ye abir

Abir Abhar said...

aku penah buat gak untuk kau dulu..
kau x baca kot

Bert said...

love both of you..haha

Anonymous said...

saya blushing gle nih.. thanks for remembering shai..

caiz said...

x taw aq nak ckp pe kan..
nak celebr8 sme x dpt jd ukiran tangan pown jdk la...

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