Am I An Athelete?


3 days in a row i'm had attend sports activities

AUGUST 15 2009
be a volunteer 4 sukan universiti kebangsaan Malaysia and also a negotiator for police escort. quite a new experience for me.

AUGUST 16 2009

as what U.S.R plan i shud be the one who driving safety car but then when it come to 'sudden death' means people are tiring and asking for extra air for them 2 cont life..hehe.. the hero which is me come for rescue.. so now i'm the cyclist oso..ngee~

AUGUST 17 2009
TODAY..for a long time i had left golf and today is the day where i become tiger's a tough course at DANAU ukm, so i didn't manage to get a good score for diz tournament. the story goes when i'm heading to my kancil, suddenly one chinese guy came to me and asking for my buggymate score. he didn't satisfied that my buggymate score was better than him. i also think my buggymate doesn't play well.haha*ape la caiz ni* so then he asked me to be his witness.ngaa.. malas kowt. tp x pe la. i told him bout our game.. ;D
btw my dad jdk saksi kt industrial court cuz the judge says that the witness is jujur dan x pandai my dad side win for dat case!crite nak bgtaw kt sni anaknye jugak jujur cm bapak nye

dats all from me now..i'm goin back to ampang..daa!


Abir Abhar said...

selamat balik ampang

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