MorNinG Fellas!!

got two stories to write..hehe..i think my blog will publicize by its own but then till now only 3 followers for my blog =(
wishin one day people will waiting fer my stories

just after my claz where as around 2.30 p.m i start my bike & heading towards jbtn bendahari UKM. it's sunny day like always, so i ride as save as i can but in a hurry pace * da my mom kate raye ni jgn blk jd anak negro*. just around the corner where convo people taking & buying goodies one kelisa keluar dengan segan silu. taking my way, and thinking to pause the time. wut happen than is my smash really smash that kelisa!! ngaa~ blank for a while then i go to that kelisa and see the driver was ladies. no wonder driving wif 'xtra' careful. at the end of the story the ladies paid me RM50.00 for her fault. ok thanks dear

when it's come to 11.30 p.m other wonderful & xcitement story to tell. it's ecah my secretary b'day..haha..for u all, she is a type of *wut we cal people who lemah semangat* urm..wtv.. so then we manage to bring her to one of haunted place in UKM haha *bukit K.I.Y.* so then she's sitting at the back seat of kuchai car's. as a concidence to our plan the road light was blowed. so kuchai stop his car at that point and get out from his car running far from ecah eyes can see. then we came to make some haunted scenario and it goes well. she was scared till do not to come out from the car..sori ecah. after all we finished our night wif celebration of ecah and mas athira b'day! semoga Allah memberkati anda berdua =D

l8r on i upload pictures of my day kay..daa~


Anonymous said...

vital info: blog takkan self publish, u are the publisher... canang la blog ko.. link sane sini.

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