Leaving KL for a better place
hye. sori x keep update my blog for sometimes.
kepada siapa2 yg b4 this keep reading my blog. so continue reading it guys.
there must be a lots of things happen since i didn't update my blog.
so let me share first 10 that cross my mind right now:

1. I got Blackberry storm 2 from my family for my 21st birthday. so feel free to add me to ur contact list & here goes my bb PIN : 324DFB0C.
feelings: cooler ever after

2. I had birthday treat @ the garden curve, chillis one utama, nandos-auntie anne KLCC, steak house Keramat & movie times square. the conclusion can i make is people want me to be bigger right.haha. i GET IT. and last but not least a pair of spectacles. 1st they all feed me then they want me to looks older. JK
feelings: Thumbs up

3. 21st years old is the right time to start planing on when to get retired. do u feel it is too early? because what i think is the earlier the plan the better it is. now i am "so call" investing in ASB a.k.a amanah saham bumiputera which is the low risk & stable return using my own money :) I had investing in ASB since y2k.

4. My hair is very messy & long rite now. nak picture :P

5. Golf is my passion. the objective i start play golf in early age is because one day I am sure it will benefit me :)

6. 2010 is going to end. Hey 2011 :) & selamat Awal Muharram 1432h to Muslims. I will change for a better & my today will always better then yesterday. Insya'Allah

7. Life is journey. graduation is just a beginning of life . doesn't mean the earlier getting the degree the better place we will live in life. Like Golfers says " It's not how you drive, but it always be how you arrive"8. I'm heading to penang this morning & then will have short vacation @ Langkawi. So i'm leaving KL where not only people are greedy, the monkeys @ KL also know to flick HP. This morning my father & I had chase a bunch monkeys @ golf course since the monkeys had stole my hp while we were on the green. haih. at last the monkeys threw the phone back to me. what a metropolitan aa :(

9. Talking about hp. these one odd friday i found a really nice, pretty & superb HP to give away for free in front of mosque gate. so i picked it up & wondering who is the owner of the phone. after prayers i call the owner house & ask him to meet somewhere so i can return the phone back to where it should be. if the monkeys know to return people prop's, so do human beings.

10.21 years old & still counting
Attitude makes the man

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Bert said...

21st year-old, u got a phone dude..i got nothing..haha..tahniah2

no.9: ko jumpa hp ape weh?? lain kali passing kat aku dulu

caiz said...

aq jumpe hp samsung ape ntah..aq jumpe mase nak g solat jumaat tue..x dpt nak passing2 aa..haha

mizzbutterfly said...

welcome back :) 21=TUA :)

alieya orange said...

nice hair.......
der...i have many 'cekak', u want 2 borrow??? :p

-rye- said...

xde button like ke?

Siti Amnah said...

hye.. nice blog :)

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