10 Random Things
1. i dun think that i can handle a girl or not
*Girl need care & people say nikah is must couple is nothing* =p

2. do my fren really need me or just i need them
*looks like them really appreciate when i'm around but then sumtimes i feel like i'm ignorant*

3. my family miss me yet or not?
*when i called my mum, i feel that she just can't get enough talk wif me :( *

4. April is coming soon
*there's lots of things to do n to say..ngee~*

5. people & i knew y i shudn't hav a car!!!
*haha..car = gatal*

6. chatting is the best thing 2 do but working is must

7. my study is my boss

8. money is nothing

9. life shud be enjoying not to be stress out

10. helping out fellas is the best part of friendship

caiz :)
thanx Aaron Quay n you

muke sehabis pandang kamera da tu!!huhu


Anonymous said...

macamana kau main hoki sambil tengok cam. tak tersadung ke? kalau tersadung pasti kelakar..

caiz said...

nie sesi photogedik..x kan la tersadung!!

Aaron Quay said...

welcomes =p...

Anonymous said...

who is u...:P

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